Sunday, 18 December 2011

Holiday Hobby

I dont have as long a holiday for Christmas and New Year as Zed, but this weekend I have been busy and have much planned for whatever hobby time I can find...

Here's a few updates...

The Heldenhammer and cog, finished at last

Savage Orc Shamen
My FoW Yanks ready for painting.  
Key for FoW:
1 = Two armoured infantry platoons
2 = Sherman's
3 = Armoured HMGs
4 = Tank Hunters
5 = HQ
6 = Artillery


  1. Good work

    I've just spray varnished the Dreadfleet scenery so thats all set for hand over this Weds!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how these turn out and how they perform in battle.

    Can't be worst than your 28mm German infantry ;o)

  3. The Heldenhammer looks superb, can't wait for my next game of Dreadfleet...