Thursday, 1 December 2011

Motostrelkovy Batalon v Panzergrenadiers - 1500

Lordybloke and I had a second go at the Withdrawal mission, this time he and his Soviets were the attacker and my hardy Panzergrenadiers were defending. In our previous engagement I conceded and left the field to the Russians; I may have been to hasty but that is another story.

I meant to take plenty of pictures and create a great visual spectacle but I got heavily absorbed by the fighting and forgot. So here are a few snaps and a summary of our game.

The German deployment included both Infantry platoons and left the Pioneers in half tracks and the unemployable AA trucks in reserve.

The Soviets had their T70's (8), T34-85s (5) and Infantry batalon (19 stands inc attachments) in reserve.

The Infantry Platoon deployed far forward give up the possibility of an assault on the Soviet guns on turn 1 and proceed to lead the HMG and Infantry Batalon on a merry chase through the woods

This is the small infantry Batalon

Relocated to a commanding position the German infantry and the Nebelwerfer observer they find amongst the pine harass the Soviets in the valley below.

The large Soviet infantry batalon arrive from reserve and are met by the remaining tiger (other destroyed by 122mm barrage) the Panzergrenadiers and 2 out of the 3 pioneer half tracks (the other bailed by the same barrage). The Russians fire and assault but are thrown back and destroyed in a costly counter attack

Summary: Lordybloke need a reserve roll on turn 6 or lose the game. Both tank units arrived and overwhelmed the remaining defenders. It was close but the initial German counter attack had cost too much and despite destroying and bailing a few of the T70's it wasn't enough. And it was 00:20 so another victory to the reds

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  1. Good game, could have ended badly for me though!
    I like that mission. Quite an interesting one to play.
    I gambled quite a lot on the flank attack and luckily it paid off!