Saturday, 17 December 2011

Rest of the big game pics

Well seeing as Warseer keeps timing out when I try to upload the rest of the pictures, here they are...

The Savage Orcs over run after destroying the Hydra and Ogres
Bloodthirster vs Savage Orcs - The Daemon killed them in 3 rounds
Battle lines ready for action
Giant attack! Everything except the marauders would be gone after 1 round of combat
The whirly fulcrum moves to block the Black Orcs
Depleted Warriors and Marauders just before they defeat the Gobbers and Orcs

Beset on all sides the Chaos Lord and retinue destroy the spears, two champions and rout the trolls.  A lucky spin on the wheel of magical death gave them flaming attacks and re-roll wounds.  Chance had dictated the Sorcerer Lord being in this unit.

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