Friday, 2 December 2011

KR Case Review

We purchased Games Workshops Dreadfleet game and a lot of fun it is, especially if you give every command and read every card in a nautical accent.  Unfortunately some aren't good at accents and it all sounds more like farmer Jim than Captain Jack Sparrow. 

We decided to buy a case to store the game as the ships are quite delicate and they were just resting in the orginal box.  After a bit of research we opted to try the KR Multicase product specifically for the game.

As we do not expect to transport the game very often we chose the cardboard case; it is pretty sturdy and will be perfect for storage.  The trays are very nicely cut and the standard of finishing is excellent.  No strands of hot glue for example.

There were some delivery issues but contact with the company was good and eventually it appeared at the local sorting office. The offer of a replacement product was not required.

Value for money 9/10
Quality 9/10
Service 10/10

I will be getting some more cases for my Flames of War figures and for both my Games Workshop 40k and WFB armies

EDIT the case fits inside the original Dreadfleet box, which I like
The top layers before the inserts are removed

The remaining layers ready to use

The case is half filled.


  1. Good review... my experiences of KR cases have been only positive as well. My Tau tanks and crisis suits are packed in KR's Kaiser case and are very well stored.... Give them a go!

  2. Very tempted for Flames of War storage.