Friday, 23 December 2011

New Year Resolutions

It's getting to that time of year when we start thinking about what we have achieved this year and what we may aspire to in the next 12 months.  In the past we had the year of more sporting play, this was mostly successful and seems to have now become part of our normal behaviour on Wednesday games night.  Which is a good thing.  Bickering and outright blow outs have become a rarity, Talisman excepted.  We have also had a year of trying new games, some of us <cough> <cough> brought this forward by about 9 months and this has refreshed some of us, me especially, immeasurably. 

What have I achieved this year?  Less than I set out to that's for sure but my goal of not buying any more armies was modified to anymore Games Workshop armies which I did achieve.  I did however buy three Flames of War armies largely due to the 25% temper tantrum discount on FoW products by Maelstrom.  I painted one of them had the other two painted for me.  I also purchased rules for Waterloo and Kampfgruppe Normandy and Disposable Heroes.  I then bought some 28mm WWII figures to try the DH rules, love it but only  4.5 figures are finished.

We also combined Binx's stag do with the annual Blood Bowl Tournament which was a first for some and a boozy spectator sport for others.  This year we attended our first historical convention at Colours and enjoyed ourselves to the point of purchasing.

So what should 2012 be flavoured with? 

If you know put it in the comments and we can look back next year and see how well we did or not


  1. I may not be able to make it this year (uni work and a kayaking course will get in the way in April), but a trip to Salute is something special, and I'd recommend everyone visits the show at least once in their lifetime.

    My goals for new year are to finish what I start, and enter more tournaments (Looking like Warmaster Ancients, Blood Bowl and Warmachine will be the majority of those). I'm pretty isolated in terms of people to play with, so it's more important to stay focused on projects, and keep the gaming butterfly at bay. Hopefully those goals will help with that.

    Don't know if there's something to be taken away from those goals for anyone else, but if there is, dig in!

    Merry Christmas folks.



  2. Hi Big Papa, nice to see you still frequent the blog, and a happy Christmas and the like to you and the family.

    We have discussed Salute this year so may complete one potential bucket list item sooner rather than later.

    2011 has been very successful for me in the painting department, and I plan to continue this through 2012. I hope to finish what I've already got and limit purchases to filling the gaps in my current armies rather than starting new ones.

    2012 has come a little early for me, but not as early as some, so I hope to play more FoW and WW28mm games. I'd like to attend some local tournaments ( hopefully not on my own) and am looking forward to our Warhammer campaign, the eventual appearance to 40k 6th edition and the continued fun of Wednesdays nights

  3. Hi Chris! Hope 2012 is a good year for you and the rest of the guys, even if it has crept up on you somewhat.

    Maybe one of my resolutions should be to make myself more visible on the blog next year? I'm a natural lurker on blogs/forums.

    In other business, drop me a line about any Blood Bowl tournaments you're thinking of going to. I may be able to join you, at least for some of them.

  4. Thats our resolution too, prepare to see a lot more stuff on here over 2012.

    I expect some of us will be attending the NAF Championship in Nottingham ( provided it goes ahead again this year) probably around May time, so keep an eye out for that

  5. 2012 - the year of the blog! Get as much stuff logged/recorded etc as possible!

    Personally I'm going to try and get as much stuff finished off as possible. FOW soviets, Orcs and Celts are all high on the list. I will dive into some napoleonics at some point too but that will probably be much later in the year.

  6. Do I really have to put on a resalution??

    My year for 2011 was rubbish hobbey wise, yet again I hardly painted anything started a new 40K army (Hoooowl.......wolf's for the win), played FoW and now want a para army (cheers Fraz for the loaning in the mean time).

    2012 will be a year for actually painting even if it's small things....Unless Fraz does want me to paint his bloodthirster. Maybe even buying some British Para's for FoW, need to finish my 3rd Orc blood bowl team which will be my last for the Orc's.

  7. How about you and chris both use a spell checker?

  8. Having given it some thought i am goning to keep it simple and finish my warriors of chaos army. Other than that i am going to fund purchase only if i can generate the cash by selling of old hobby items. No extra money its going to be a tight period until April 2013. Good luck