Monday, 5 December 2011

Whats your Favourite Game?

New Monday Poll.
Nice and simple, Title says it all!
I'll drop this in every 4-6 months and see if anything changes.
I can draw up Pie Charts and Venn diagrams over time.....!

Why not add some words to your vote in the comments section?



  1. 40k not doing it for me and for a while, still enjoying wfb but I'm motivated to read, paint etc for flames of war

  2. Im still loving the Blood Bowl. It was a hard choice and I love WFB and 40k and am getting my eye in on the WW2 front, but BB will always be there for me

  3. I've not played as many different games as most and so went for good old 40K, but honourable mentions must go to dreadfleet and battlefleet gothic....

  4. I like em all to be fair!
    WFB is the strongest game for me, maybe because it was the first GW game I played and certainly the first "battle game".
    All those years (2nd ed!!) ago.......