Monday, 2 January 2012

And the Winner is??

So 2012 is upon us (Happy New Year!!!) and Binx will be collating all results across Wednesday games to find out who has the best win rate etc.
This seems like too good an opportunity to miss out on awarding a Mug (a la royal gaming day) for 2012 champion.

How should the Champion be decided?

Also note the second poll with potential extra awards.

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Vote Ahoy!


  1. For the bonus award, I think an overall sporting award, and perhaps we should give an 'honour' to each Lonewolf too, such as hobbiest of the year or most improved player/modeller, biggest moaner. That kind of thing...

  2. Yeah, I think a Mug for most sporting (to be able to be most smug in 2013 "look at my mug, nyeahhh"!) and a list of "honours" on the blog at year end?

  3. I have presented my idea more than once so can assume there is no interest. My concern is 'drop out ' if half way through the year you are out of the running ala bb league

  4. Awards for all (where appropriate) would get my vote. How would the non-statistic awards be decided? Private vote?

    I can't remember hearing your idea Fraz, what was it?