Saturday, 14 January 2012

I'll Besieging You

Weds night saw Binx and I duke it out on the tabletop with revamped (no, that's not a pun he was his using savage orcs!) siege rules from Blood in Badlands.

So I wanted to drop some thoughts on the new rules.
Note this is not a review, I wouldn't dare cross into Ballboy's official territory!

Lots has changed in the rules, firstly the speed of the game. Siege used to be quite ponderous. We were able to read the rules and play a game (including multiple rules checking and referencing rules for the other tables) in about 3 hours.
3 of the wall sections are noted as objectives and if the attacker controls at least 2 by the 5th turn he wins. Simple!

Once you've decided who will attack and defend (roll a dice!) the defender sets up in the castle with as much of your army left off as a relief force.
The castle force has to make starvation rolls - each model loses a wound on a 5+.
My Elves had clearly not stocked up their supplies as I lost a LOT this way!
The relief force comes on when a 2D6 roll + turn number = 10+ rolled at the start of the turn.
If a unit from the relief force is able to walk through the gate the defenders win automatically.
I think choosing what goes in the relief force will be quite key. Too much in the castle and you could lose out to starvation, too much in the relief force and the walls could be undermanned.

Deployment for the attackers has them setting up over 8" away from the walls which pretty much means a first turn charge, this is tempered by the fact the defenders get 2 free turns of shooting before the game begins proper.

Both attackers and defenders get a list of items to choose from to help in their roles such as boiling oil and siege towers.
All defenders come with rocks and all attackers are equipped with grapples/ladders.

As the defender it really does feel like you're under the cosh from the start and there is no way to win. That is until you realise you can stand and shoot with rocks each time the charge comes in and the attacker halves their WS and I.

Overall I enjoyed the game and thought the rules worked well. A few bits had to be discussed as they seemed "odd" but we came to amicable conclusions and carried on!

On the night it looked as though the Elf castle was about to be overrun as a tower was taken but a gallant defence by the (wiped out in the end!) phoenix guard and white lions kept the orcs from consolidating their position.
The savage orc shaman getting sucked off sped the result to a win for the brave High Elves!

Siege - give it a go! Especially before the campaign starts later in the year and things get serious!

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  1. I often find being sucked off is the end.