Monday, 30 January 2012

Flames of War V3 Changes

I copied this from the WWPD forum

MOVEMENT*Wheeled bumped to 12" off road, 18" on road.
*Jeep bumped to 16" off road, 24" on road.
*Light Guns move 6" off road.
*Medium Guns move 4" off road.
*Terrain is classified much better
*Can Dig in while Gone to Ground
*You may mount up and THEN move transport teams in the same turn
*Transports sent to the rear may return later

*Guns that are GTG get a 3+ save.
*MG Teams are ROF 2 while pinned
*Most weapon systems get half (rounded down) their ROF on the move. HMGs get 3 shots, US LMGs get 2.
*Bunker Buster weapons that moved cannot shoot at moving vehicles
*Goliaths can auto hit 1 team- that is either bailed/bogged or dug in (else requires a skill check to hit)
*Flame Throwers only bail an AFV on a firepower check. Otherwise, AFVs hit cannot defensive fire
*Turret Facing now comes into play. When turrets are rotated it's a 4+ to hit the different armor ratings
*Weapons with FP 2+ generally have Heavy Breakthrough Gun
*Guns that unlimber can fire at full ROF

*All teams within 8" of an assaulting team participate in the assault. And no one else.
*Cavalry can still ride down their opponents unless they get into a building, behind a wall, or other Very Difficult Terrain

*Transports do not count against morale

*Smoke now only blocks LOS outside of 16" rather than 6"
*Batteries with a staff team can combine for bombardments (Need rules for how to determine AT/FP)
*Batteries with 6+ guns can choose to fire a double width or re-roll misses on a single.

*No more forced to disengage
*Skill check by team to lift gtg
*Unarmored recce vehicles save on a 3+

*Auto range in on targets in the open
*Template can't be placed even partially over a building
*Must have room to place the stand
*AA adds 8" to range for shooting planes

*GERMAN Kampfgruppe is now by team

*9+ platoons means you can ignore the first lost one for VPs
*Fortified companies may not start with any armored platoons on the board in missions with reserves
*Infantry companies can only start with one
*Mech 2
*Tank 3
*New missions in general


  1. Interesting sounding changes.
    Transports are worth looking at again (I was tempted anyway)
    Smoke may not be quite as bad as it was (my poor Reds, no smoke!)
    and other stuff!