Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Finecast Review

Evening all, some of you may remember my comprehensive Liquid GreenStuff review last year, I feel it was received very well by you all so I have decided that my contribution to the blog in the future (among other things) will be more reviews of other war gaming related stuff!

Well the first review of 2012 is: Finecast

To be honest, its shit.....its covered in bubbles, doesn't join right and the flash on it is ridiculous!
Im putting it out there in word form....i wish metal was back....ok FC is light, and easier to convert and no need to pin (hurrah) but you have to use half a pot of Green stuff to make it look normal!

Look at my Sabertusk i got it out of the box like that......shit!
So to conclude......Finecast is shit!

Keep you eye on the blog for more reviews from BallBoy!


  1. I think if you're going to review stuff you need to make sure you let us know your feelings about a product, not sit on the fence like you have with this one!

  2. Point taken zed, keep eyes on the blog for the next review.

  3. I keep hearing a lot of bad reviews about Finecast. Some people have said that their models weren't too bad, but everyone has to do a fair bit of salvage work, filling in bubbles and such.

    Haven't bought a Finecast model myself yet. The price of the stuff is enough to keep me away on it's own!

    Out of interest, was it just that one model, Elliot, or did you end up with a whole bunch of bad Finecast models?

  4. Well all four of my sabertusks were pretty ogre slaughter master wasn't much better either. My ogre tyrant isn't too bad...but does have bubbles all over it.
    I don't really like it...just a shame that most of the nice ogre models are fine cast!

  5. Its its not a good quality cast, why haven't you taken them back?

    Haven't got any finecast yet but if there are any defects, they'll be going straight back