Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tanks to the Left of me.....

Its been a while since I've posted any finished painted stuff, largely because I've had less time to do any painting and also because the camera keeps roaming around the house!
Having managed to lay my hands on it I thought I'd best drop a picture of one unit I did manage to finish over Christmas.

Soviet T70 light tanks.

I got these from Gamodls, $4 (£3ish) each for any vehicle seemed worth the risk.
I'm pleased with the models but you do get what you pay for.
The resin is slightly pitted in places and they're not massively detailed. However when placed on the tabletop from 3 foot away they'll look pretty good and do the job perfectly well (same goes for the paint job!).
One slight error (my fault) was I asked for the tanks to be unpainted (they normally come with a basic paint job). This meant that the mold release etc hadn't been cleaned from the models and despite a warm soapy bath the paint didn't really take to the models well.
Several layers of varnish above and below the paint will hopefully fix any future issues though.
If I were to order again (and I would!) I would stick with the basic paint scheme and just re undercoat when I got them.

Yes, they are patrolling the Bathroom sink. It seemed appropriate as my first FOW attempts were photoed there and it really is the best light in the house this time of day.

Artillery units next in the queue......

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  1. Looking good big man! Looking forward to seeing some more stuff on the blog!