Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ogres Thundertusk

Here are some pics of my finished Ogre Thundertusk.....and the other bits in my kitchen!
Didn't like the finished product so covered the ogres in blood! Its how they would have liked it!
There he is in all its glory.....
I've decided with this Ogre army to stop trying to make them look like they came straight out of WD and just make sure they were good table top quality, hopefully you will agree.


  1. Garlic and herb mate.....standard!

  2. That looks superb

  3. I'm a big peshwari fan.
    Ogrey beast looks top notch

  4. Keema for me. Although if they put any coriander in with the meat, it's peshwari for me too.

    Nice work on the Thundertusk, too!

    I also like the blood effects on the Ogres. It's a fine line between applying blood effectively and daubing randomly, and I think you got the effect just right.