Monday, 30 January 2012

Tanks!!! Mr & Mrs Zed

Just a quick and simple post this.

Tanks to Mr and Mrs Zed I got a nice little present for looking after smallest Zed when they had to take small Zed to hospital. When I came home from work on Friday evening there was the box from Maelstrom Games, there was me thinking the wife had brought me my wedding anniversary present early but then remembered she knows nothing about where to buy models, so opened the box to find a box of five Sherman tanks from Plastic Soldier. A quick call to Zed and a thank you later and out came the clippers, knife and glue.Now after a couple of hours work the below are ready for paint.

Now I know they may not have the right guns or kit but who cares when they are on the table, which ever way you look at it they are spot on. All I can say is yet again TANKS Mr & Mrs Zed.


  1. Mr & Mrs Zed know what the wargamer wants! :)
    Hope the small Zed is getting well soon!

  2. Thats a cracking thank you.
    Whilst I hope there is no more illness we'll all be queueing up to offer our services next time!!

    1. Always pay the baby sitter well; that way you can always get a baby sitter