Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wreck and Ruin

I know it's not much, but I thought I'd show some evidence that I'm still painting stuff in 2012.

This is a cheap die-cast toy car that I've taken the wheels off and painted as a wreck for my first zombie apocalypse game of 2012 (it's going to be set in a junkyard, but I also think this piece will be useful as part of a barricade in a city game).  I think that realistically, the spoiler would have been made of plastic, and so wouldn't rust, but I didn't think it would look as good.

 I notice that the car looks like it has a smiley face in this picture, so here's a more serious side-on view (The base looks a bit odd in these pics, a side-effect of using cork floor tile as a basing material):

And a couple of zombies that I finished last year, just to add something a little more interesting...


  1. Cool stuff Papa!
    Mantic zombies with a few other bits?
    They look good!

  2. Thank'ee M'Lud! The zombies are Mantic heads/torsos, combined with Wargames Factory legs (didn't like the WF zombies much - really soft detail). The zombie in the dino costume is from Victory Force miniatures. They do some real oddball novelty zombies. I'm tempted to order another one to convert into a badass survivor. Or maybe a pre-zombie version (much the same thing most of the time!)

    If there's any interest, I'll post more about the progress of the models for this game. Got some pretty nice 'boss' zombies waiting for a lick of paint...

  3. We're always interested in what is on your painting table, so shows what you are up to when ever you can. 2012 - the year of the blog over load