Sunday, 22 January 2012

Tales from the paint station part 1

My 2012 resolution is to finish all the armies I have before looking into starting a new one. First on my list was my Necrons. I already had a very large Necron force, but with a new codex came new units and so I invested in purchasing some new models as well as converting some units to save some cash.

Doomsday Ark

Annihilation Barge, with Necron Overlord
Catacomb Command Barge (Necron Overlord is magnetised to either go on a round base or the barge)
Second unit of converted Immortals
Converted Deathmarks
Converted Triarch Praetorians
Converted Crypteks
I also repainted one of my three Monoliths to fit in with the red scheme of my new vehicles


  1. Looking good Chris, i'm loving the new models, dreading their firepower but looking forward to phasing them out in the near future! Are you gonna play them ayain in the near future or are you waiting for the new rules?

  2. They are ready to take on anyone who wants to face them, I still have a decider decider to play against Si, but if you want to have a go you're more than welcome.
    PS; Phase out no longer exists!

  3. Pair of CLINTS!

    Saw some of this a couple of weeks back so 'clears throat' OLD NEWS!

    look good but did you need another monolith? Been cruising the forums? :o)

  4. Its not a new monolith, just repainted one of the ones I already had.

  5. Ah righto, seemed excessive even for bols

  6. Christmas Necrons! A little out of season?

    Nah, good work!