Tuesday, 15 July 2008


You can never have too many marines in your figure cabinet. By the same rational you can never have too many marine chapters in your cabinet either. As the Space Wolves Codex is still a fair way off, I thought maybe I could fill the time with say the Crimson Fists. I knocked one off this evening whilst i had an hour to kill.

Black undercoat, 50/50 Midnight blue and Regal blue, Boltgun metal, Mecharite Red and Tallarn Flesh. A wash and a quick highlight with a lighter version of all the base colours. Done!


  1. Looking good to me!! That fist certainly is crimson! Nice work!
    Get an army done.

  2. Oi!!! you git, if you get any more done you'll have a bigger army than me. Just one thing though, he's a scout so his fists should not be crimson, only full fledged marines get there left fist crimson.
    He does look good though bud, you and your dips will put us all to shame.