Sunday, 6 July 2008

Rats are ready for dipping...............Well sort of.

Thats right I'm gonna go for the dipping route for the rats, finally got my mind set on the army and got all the models ready just need some help from you guys on the dipping front.

1. Where do I get the dip from.
2. What grade to go for.
3. Anything else you can think of.

Now for the pics of the army.

Battle standard bearer, used the old war lord model for a simple conversion.

Unit of storm vermin, with BSB.

Large unit of clan rats, warlock engineer is hiding in this unit, hiding only because they are all black at the moment. Once painted he will stick out like a sore thumb.

Large unit of slaves, nice and cheap and no one runs when they do, which in skaven armies they normally do.

One of the two fun units in the army, the bane of any armoured knights.

The ever present ratling guns, the question is are 3 dice ever enough??


  1. Maelstrom, link on this page.

    Strong - dark brown
    Dark - black

    either of those two

  2. My Blood letters are strong tone if that helps.
    They also do a good range of colour primers (red for my 'letters, obviously!) surely a brown spray or even plate mail would help loads?

    I should be on commission for em!!