Monday, 28 July 2008

Here be Pirates

The start of the Tale of a 'variable number of gamers' starts imminently. So I decided to build some of my figures in preparation. Sounds like cheating by starting before August? Not really, you see most of the other chaps have figures built ready to go. So I thought it only fair that I got the glue and sharp knife out and got busy for a couple of hours.

In my Opinion Brian Nelson is a demi-god of sculpting and could do no wrong or so I thought. Below are my first ten Dark Elf Corsairs and they are finely detailed, dynamic and very sexy but they are also a bit of a butter (sounds like) to rank up! Once assembled and in an infantry block they immediately change into pick up sticks if you waft your hand anywhere near them. Not as bad as Kroot warriors I grant you but in the top five most tangly units of Warhammer.


  1. The original genestealers were the tangliest models ever! Many an hour went by playing "Barrel o' Genestealers"! Like "Barrel o' Monkeys" but with genestealers, y'see!?

    Anyway, look good! Can't wait to see them painted (after Aug 1st, obviously!)

  2. Yay! Spiky Dark Elf goodness! I like the way these fellas look. Really looking forward to seeing these painted.