Thursday, 31 July 2008


Check this out for some arcane Elven sorcery;

OK, I admit its not the best photo in the world but what you're seeing there is;
a) test scheme for "X gamers elves" (happy with that!)
b) An elven archer suspended upside above its spear wielding comrade through the use of magnetic tape under the base and magnetic sheeting.

Magnetic movement trays are an easy possibility!

"Hey, Lordybloke" I hear you cry, "why do you want magnetic movement trays?"
Well, I'm glad you asked me that! Its because.....errr.... actually I can't remember but it seemed like a good idea at some point so I'm going with it!


  1. so that's your new high elf scheme? Does this mean you started on your army in July?

  2. no no, they're just the test ones, obviously they are outside of the X gamers quota!!
    Starting in July? That would be cheating!