Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Long and Winding Woad

I've been painting Celts today.
I thought it a good idea to get a few done and dipped to make sure its going to work before I do all 30 and realise it doesn't!
With this in mind I've speedily knocked up 5 Celt warriors.
Not unhappy with the results although the dip does seem to pool more on them than it did on the blood letters, I guess its something to do with being smaller models and the detail being closer together?
Anyway nothing a quick flick with a cotton bud couldn't fix!
25 points of Celts done, those Romans are in trouble!


  1. Looking good mate, just need someone to play against...

  2. Big Papa is my only hope.........!

  3. Or me sigh!

    Looking very nice i have to say. All weapons broken off in 6 months i will wager ;o)