Friday, 25 July 2008

National Elf Service

Oh, I loves me puns!

With the start date looming and after much flicking back and forth in the High Elf Army Book accompanied with much scribbling out of points values (on excel, hmm!) I've finally got an army list I'm vaguely happy to put forth for the tale of 6, err, 7, err, some gamers!

Elembarel's Expeditionary Force

Elembarel - Lvl 2 Mage
Jewel of Dusk, Amulet of Fire - 170 pts

Wind of Menlui
10 archers - 110 pts

Wind of Senlui
10 archers - 110 pts

Thorns of Senthoi
23 spearmen, Sentinel, standard, musician - 232 pts

Riders of Charoi
5 silver helms, standard bearer - 131

Riders of Lathain
5 Ellyrian Reavers with spears replaced by bows - 95 pts

Breath of Ceyl
Repeating Bolt Thrower -100 pts

Eagle - 50 pts

Total of 998 pts

35 points on magic items giving me 46 infantry, 10 cavalry, a war machine and an eagle to paint!

AND I'm not dipping them!

Hmmm, maybe I'll start again, just how many dragon mages can you fit in 1000pts...........

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  1. That's it Lordy, get your groin fruit out. No cuts in your Elf Service.