Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Slave Pens Open

Well, My first £25 has been spent. £10.50 on the Dwarf army book, and £14.00 on a BFSP Dwarf army, both courtesy of Ebay.

Since the start of our Tale of X Gamers is imminent, here's my first draft of an army list, and my efforts so far. I may reduce the size of the units to get more variety into the army, but you get the gist.

I'm feeling a bit worried that my entire army could be purchased over two months, but, that said, my entire army will need to be extensively converted, so I guess that the budget can be spent on fancy knick-knacks for conversions, or I could just be grateful fo rthe extra time for modelling/painting.

The army list so far is:

1 Tyrant (Thane) with Gromril armour & Shield, carrying a rune axe bearing the Rune of Dominion (Master Rune of Snorri Spanglehelm) and the Rune of Torment (Rune of Cleaving) - 112 points

20 Warriors with hand weapons and shields with full command - 205 points

20 Immortals (Longbeards) with shields and great weapons with full command - 325 points

1 Death Rocket (Organ gun) - 120 points

15 Blunderbussers (Thunderers) with full command - 235 points

The units seem a bit big and pricey, but I'm kind of relying on them being able to take a head-on charge and still dish it out in combat.

Anyway, most of my models are currently without headgear, but just to prove I'm not slacking, here's my Blunderbuss Champion, and a couple of Death Rocket concepts (all in need of a little tidying up).


  1. Nice beard ;o)

    I look forward to your army of big hats

    Although my wife read the title as slave penis but that says more about her than you or I

  2. Awesome, you never disappoint.

  3. Superb doesn't even begin to cover it!
    Looking forawrd to entire army!