Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Old Figures Never Die

I have a large collection of figures; many are un-built or only undercoated, I have amassed a huge number of Armies that I will build one day. I take it as the mark of a true enthusiast if you have more figures than you could paint in at least a ten year period of uninterrupted brush time. However, some projects have taken so long to get started that the range of figures have be superseded, in some cases more than once, and there is always the thought at the back of my mind. Should I sell them? Should I give them away? Should I bin them? The horror!

The Tale of 6 Gamers starts in a few weeks and the Dark Elf Spearhead is on its way ready for me to take part in the challenge. However I wanted to have my palette mostly fixed in my mind before the event takes place to enable me to focus on getting the figures painted, so I have found at least one use for these older and less sexy figures. Template figures!

So with that in mind, the two fellows below have come out of retirement to introduce my final Dark Elf scheme. Well until the chaps see them tomorrow and come up with a number of suggestions to improve or simplify the scheme. At least I am probably right in choosing purple.


  1. I can see what you mean about binning them.
    Should be ok when you've painted them!
    Oh....I see!