Friday, 25 July 2008


With 5th Edition taking hold, Big Jon is lacking in those all important Troops choices.

So as Jon is still working out which end of the paint brush to hold the Lone Wolves pitch in to help out.

This is the 1st of the Ultramarines I'm knocking out for him, only base colours were requested and after a darker blue spray a quick wizz with a lighter blue and the details picked out he's done.

The more observant of you may notice the bobbily nature of some of the surfaces, a combination of hot weather and a new can of spray has given this a less than perfect appearance.

Its better in the 'flesh' than in the photo, with chapter markings and base left to finish off.

**After a call from Big Jon : Don't worry it looks a lot worse in the pic A LOT worse**

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  1. Looks like someone's just lost their nacho hat bonus!