Wednesday, 16 July 2008

True Scale Tribulations

After my recent visit to see the gang in Bristol last week, there was some interest in my attempts at true scale marines, using plastic terminator legs. Here's my first attempt, a Scythes of the Emperor Captain. The legs are, of course, from a plastic terminator, with a bionic leg made from a necron leg. The knee is actually a plastic marine elbow.

Not overly difficult to do, just remember to make the back of the belt more chunky with green stuff.


Big Papa


  1. I like that a lot!
    I'm tempted to have a go at the "true scale via termie legs".
    Don't have a project to fit with it at the moment.
    Maybe a chaos traitor legion with a chaos marine squad attached.......

  2. Superbly done.

    If an army could be 20-30 marines i'd give it a go myself