Tuesday, 7 February 2012

2 Go in, 1 comes out!

Late with a poll again!

Time for another "which is better"!
GW have 2 special release marines this year, both nice however I think its one marine too far! Anyway.......

Which is the best:

Warhamer 40K 25th Anniversary marine:

Games Day 2012 Marine:

Vote ahoy!
Results are in, Crimson boy storms it!

And the results from last week:
A lot of hatred for the infernal puppet! I think a quick note of "one use only" would fix this beast!


  1. Well the puppet wins....I think as a grp we should adjust the rules to 'one use only'...Tom take note.
    As for the 2 models both look are great retro looking models but the Crimson Fist will always win the day for a player of my age as this is what started my hobby all those years ago (25 in fact), 30 marines for £10 RTB01 you started a hobby that continues to this day.....Now I have to venture into my partents loft and find the hard back copy of 'Rogue Trader' that is hidden there some where.

  2. I am so behind the times with the rules now. But between those two models, it has to be the GD marine for my money. The crimson fist would probably look better in the midst of a bunch of others, but alone, it looks a little poncey. Like he's morris dancing around the battle standard or something.

  3. Hidden in the loft!!
    It should be on display in your household shrine!!

    I agree with Papa, GD marine all the way! He looks like he could actually kick some B-hole!