Saturday, 25 February 2012

Blood In the Badlands

This week we kick started our year long Warhammer Campaign, using the rules from GW's Blood in the Badlands book.

The first things to do were sort placements on the maps (see below), roll our random events and work out who would be fighting who over the next month.

The highlights of the first moves included

- The Vampire's losing their mine to a bout of the plague
- The Orc's losing one of their hexes
- The Dark Elves, choosing that the Chaos should challenge the Orcs to a fight.

This months battles are as follows and must be fought on or before Wednesday 28th March, when the next set of moves will be done.

Chaos challenged Orcs
Vampires challenged Ogres
Empire challenged Vampires ( Siege)
Dwarves challenged Chaos
Orcs challenged Dwarves ( Storm of Magic)
Dark Elves challenged Empire

Tune into the blog over the coming year for battle reports telling of great victories, stories of backstabbing, and other bits of narrative from all the players.

Orcs = red, Chaos = orange, Dwarves = green, Dark Elves = yellow, Ogres = blue, Vampires = black, Empire = white

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the map covered in red hexes!