Monday, 6 February 2012

Say hello to Elliot

Thanks to Zed's reminder, here is the 2nd in our series of interviews. This time its the newest Lone Wolf.

1: How and when did you start war gaming?

It was just over three years ago when i got into war gaming, and basically i wanted a hobby. I was a new dad and had this fear that i wouldn't have any time to do anything...because would be so busy looking after the little one. I used to walk past a GW store in Bath every lunch and used to look at the models and used to be amazed about how cool they were and how well painted they were and somehow i took it up as a hobby, for the first 9 months it was just painting as i didn't know anyone who played, then i met the wolves!

2: What was your 1st war gaming purchase?
My first purchase was a Warhammer 40k starter set. 5 marines, 1 paintbrush and 8 paints. Just to get me on way. About two weeks later...i got assault on black reach, the starter paint set a painting station.......i was hooked! 
3: You're the newest member of the Lone Wolves, how did you get involved and what was your 1st impressions of the club?
I heard about the club though Lordyblokes wife (to be) she put me in touch with Lordybloke and hey presto, i came along one week was welcomed warmly and haven't really looked back since! 
1st impressions were "wow!" look at all this stuff! from the tables, to the scenery and the amazing models in the cabinet! It was pretty scary being put in front of a load of veteran gamers as the new guy...nothing like being thrown in at the deep end! ;-)
4: You haven't been playing that long compared to the other Wolves, how did you find taking on such experienced wargamers, and how do you think you've done in such a short space of time?
I don't really know how i have done, i suppose you better ask the guys...i would say i have done well, built a few armies and painting wise have come on well over the last few years! 
Playing the guys can be tough, half the time they all know what i am going to bring in my army even before i do! Having played for such a long time they know all the units strengths and weaknesses, how they are best used etc so winning can be tough! I often wonder " am i just very bad at this game?!" but when i do win it feels great! (except when i beat Simon!) 

5: What’s favourite games system?
Hands down Warhammer Fantasy! Magic...dragons....monsters...what's not to love! 
I also like that there is no "almighty" 40k you have the marines....i feel Fantasy is more balanced! 

6: Any war gaming regrets/ things you would have done differently with hindsight?
1. Buying a stompa...never used it....and the money could have been better put to something else. Although i just love the big stuff! 
2. Not listening to Zed the first time he met me when he said, "don't buy anything until you have painted what you have got" i've now got £100 of Tau still in its box, loads of elves unpainted, blood angels unpainted....the list goes on! 

7: Whats your proudest moment in your wargaming life so far?
good question.....probably sticking with it!!
I have had so many hobbies in my life that last for 5 minutes...but three years in i am still going strong and about to start army number 6! This is in no small part down to the club, without them who knows if i would have carried on! 
Thank god i did though! 

8: What do you see happening to you wargaming wise over the next 5 years?
Hopefully getting better at painting...creating my own campaigns, trying my hand at conversions etc. 
Most importantly still enjoying it! 

9: Having integrated with all the wolves very well in the short space of time, how would you sell the Lone Wolves to anyone else who wanted to join?
 Well if they can handle the banter, and enjoying getting home at 1.30am on a Thursday morning not being able to sleep because you are thinking...."what i should have done was...." or "next time i will try this..." then join. A great bunch of guys who make you feel welcome straight away! 
Also if you are new that would be great because then i might have a chance as winning! 

10: Any final thoughts?
Finecast is shit....greenstuff is alright. 
Apart from that, i hope the guys have enjoyed having a chubby manc in there midst every Wednesday talking rubbish and asking questions about the rules!

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