Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Binx's Book Review Episode 1

I've just finished reading 'Deliverance Lost' the 18th book in the Horus Heresey series.

Written by Gav Thorpe, it tells the tale of the Raven Guard as they attempt to rebuild their numbers after almost being wiped out at the massacre at Isstvan V.

I really enjoyed the story, and although it doesn't contain the really detailed descriptive background of, say a Dan Abnett novel, it flows really well and keeps you interested in the story from start to the 469th and final page.

This book is 95% about the Space Marines of mainly the Raven Guard and doesn't drag you off into a tangent with tales of remembrancer's and other side characters. There are flash backs to when Corax, the Raven Guard Primarch, was first discovered on what is now called Deliverance, these give you some insight into his growing up and link nicely to characters mentioned in the main story.

Overall a good read, with plenty of hidden surprises, and a worthy addition to the Horus Heresy series.

I give this book 15 Primarch's out of 18.

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