Friday, 17 February 2012

Dark Elf Campaign Back Story

Commodore Elfrith ‘the Spiteful’ was on deck leaning on the taff-rail looking back at the rest of Kraken squadron; five ships all sleek lines and bestial prow following in his wake. They had been preying on shipping entering the Black Gulf for months, a score of prizes had been taken, and hundreds of slaves had been sent back to Naggaroth in tribute. The captain of the last merchantman taken had tried to save his life with information. He spun a story of treasure so fantastic it could not in all sense be ignored. It would provide in one raid tenfold that so far taken at sea. He now led his remaining fleet of cutthroats, brigands and murderers towards the Badlands and the coastal town of El Medi. Once the town was taken he would send out two columns to explore and recover the treasure.
There was a cry from the top mast, a ship had been sighted. Commodore Elfrith found the point on the horizon and raised his viewing glass. It was a Dwarf Ironclad making smoke. He called to his Cox’n to change course and signalled the squadron to make chase. One more prize before we go after the treasure he decided.
Unknown to the Commodore he and his Black Gulf Pirates were sailing into a long and bloody grudge

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  1. Am expecting lots of 'Arrr's!' and !me hearties!
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