Monday, 20 February 2012

Hammer of Orcs

The book of grudges was open on the table, Balak’s gnarled fingers ran across the page.

“Sire, Sire the Orcs are moving” Balak’s reading of the grudges was disrupted by the shout from his chief of rangers as he ran into the room.

“Hold your tongue Thorola, you dare disturb my readings”

“But sire as your faithful servant I bring you this news from my best men. The Orcs from the mountain passes, your father's, Grungi rest his soul, murderers are mustering there forces in great numbers and moving into the passes”

Balak’s eyes shifted from the pages straight at Thorola and froze him with there stealy glare.

“Do not bring me news of this unless you and your men are sure Thorola son of Kilig, your rangers are masters of there skills but you must be sure of this. My feelings of these blemishes on this world are well known. If what you say is true then I Balak Golden Hammer, son of Malak, Hammer of the Orcs can only allow on thing to pass”

News of the Orc movement had already filtered through the halls of the Karak and Balaks generals were already in the war room when Balak stormed in. The book slammed down and shook the table with it’s weight, the page’s filtered open and fell upon the page they all knew it would.

“We have but one aim” Balak’s voice boomed and silence filled the room “The eradication of the green skin from our borders, Karak Karn goes to war”

Balak’s eyes skimmed round the room before finally falling back on the book there written as the last entry was his father’s name, “May Grungi guide me, farther you will be avenged” Not one dwarf could read his mind but everyone knew what he wanted…….


  1. Hurrah for the story.

    Boo for the horror show of spelling and grammar.

    1. That's outrageous! You're the typo king Mr Binx!!

      Hurrah for the story I say!

    2. +1 on outrageous. Like the narrative