Friday, 17 February 2012

I've got a bone to pick with you...

Lightning flashed, illuminating the once pitch black of the crypt, inside the shapes of two mysterious characters, sat amongst the bones of the past, discussing the future.
"So activity in The Badlands is at an all time high?"
"Yes master, my initiates have seen many large concentrations of fighters, from all lands, converging on our very position" replied a withered man in dark clothing, his head covered by a black shroud.
"The rumours appear to be true then, it has returned, and those greedy, or even stupid enough to think they can claim it for themselves, are marching to their untimely demise"

Rising from his stone throne, carved from the rock itself, a human figure, body covered in dark green armour lined by a thick set cape of blood red, made his way across the dusty and cold lichen teemed resting place of the damned. As he walked a grin slowly appeared on his face, revealing 2 large fangs that protruded from his mouth.

"Alert Stradivarius, have him ready his creatures of the night, if he is reluctant to commit his pets to this war, remind him that failure will result in the Warriors of Chaos once again ruling over him, as they did when he was a mere mortal"
"As you wish my lord, I of course offer my services to your grand scheme, you can rely on the newly dead to rise from the grave once again, vengeance will be unleashed on those naive enough to follow their false gods of war"

Master necromancer
Mannik Gravemore stood from his cold, wet, stone ledge and picked up his staff from the ground, before he could take a step towards the exit he stopped, frozen in place by the piercing stare of his king, his lord, the vampire Barnabas Van Alberict.

"Do not disappoint me, I shall be watching over your successes and should you dare fail me, I will release the hounds of hell upon your skeletal body, I can guarantee you that resurrection will not come to you easily should you allow my hated enemies to out do me"

"Of course Barnabas you can rely on me, of the Ghoul King I cannot be so sure"

With that another strike of lightning flashed from the skies again lighting the mausoleum, revealing that the Vampire Lord was no longer within the confines of the unholy resting place.

"I hate it when he does that" thought Mannik "he can be a real pain in the neck sometimes"


  1. Very funny Chris. I look forward to the violin solo from your lord