Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Badlands welcomes careful crusaders

The earth around Deimos burned a bright purple. It burned with the ferocity of centuries. The centuries it had taken him to reach this moment. It had been lifetimes ago that he had left his humanity behind when he was rewarded with daemonhood by the pantheon of Chaos. His two chosen lords knelt to each side of him completing a triangle. Their loyalty was far from unswerving. Convincing a follower of Tzeentch and Khorne to unite under his banner took a great many sacrifices and a greater number of promises glory. Deimos had never been this close before, previous champions had agreed to the proposal but always given in to their primal desire to win the favour of their patron and the meeting of the lords had ended in duals and bloodshed. He sensed something different in Zalex and Kanek from when he first saw them in his vision. He had been able to use the two lords history with the Dark Elves to bend them to his will. Kanek was more than just a crazed maniac, he wasn't only obsessed with meaningless carnage like a great many of Khorne's followers. Zalex was of course a schemer and would need to be watched carefully.

The flames around them erupted and a shower of dust fell over the three heroes of chaos. The dust settled and without warning was sucked behind Deimos and disappearing into nothing. Slowly a hole appeared in the air and as more dust disappeared the hole took
the shape of a triangle that grew inside. Deimos grinned and his row of fangs glistened like fresh blood on chaos armour in the moonlight. "We walk to victory" he bellowed. Every warrior heard his voice in their heads even though some could barely see the mighty daemon as the hosts of the three warlords spanned the plains surrounding the now glowing, purple portal. The three lords returned to their hosts and rallied their lieutenants. The three armies of Chaos, Tzeentch and Khorne advanced into the still expanding portal. The Badlands awaited and that land would know chaos.


  1. Lots of triangle and hole action...I like it :)

    1. Like every friday night

  2. You missed out a bit "....advanced into the still expanding portal, leaving the infernal puppet behind"!!

  3. Is the third power of chaos Harry H Corbrtt?