Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Store Poll

This week I thought we'd find out where everyone is buying their gaming stuff from!
I'm a bit "between stores" at the moment as I've not had great service recently (slowwww) from a couple that I've used for a long time.
Please leave any comments on stores, good or bad, along with any buying habits you have.

Poll is active!

And the winner is:
It seems everyone has their favourite but Maelstrom leads the way


  1. I have finally got my stuff from Dwarf hold games...it took 4 weeks but was cheap as chips...so i will use them again!

  2. 4 weeks! They'd have to pay me!

  3. And I though Maelstrom could sometimes be slow.

    No favourite on there, all depends who is doing the best discount when I want to buy something...

    Voted 'Other'

  4. I've gone for Maelstrom. Sometimes slow, but usually good. And they were really good when I was at the Warmaster Ancients competition they hosted last year. Also, Gifts for Geeks are a good online store.

  5. Went for Empire games. Every time I've ordered; my stuff has been with me the next day. In addition, their stock list is not a pack of lies and if they say something is in stock...it is!