Tuesday, 14 February 2012

And so it begins.....

The gnawed thighbone spun lazily through the air before cracking against the jagged wall of Warboss Uzgut Mountain crusher‘s throne cavern, just out of reach of two chained cave squigs. The beasts pulled at their tether and gnashed at each other in desperation to reach the discarded prize.
“I’zzzzzzz BORRRREDDDD” roared Uzgut making the greenskins in the cavern, large and small, freeze in fear.
“Ain’t had a decent fight in munffs and me piles o’ shiny stuff ain’t getting no bigger”.

One corner of the vast room was filled with mounds of coins, chests, golden statues and magically glowing weapons, however not even the lightest fingered goblin dared to go near it knowing that to touch The Mountain Crusher’s piles would mean death, or worse!
“You!!” the Warboss pointed at a large Orc warrior who was chewing on a charred boar’s face, “Fight me!”
The Orc looked up, boar fat glistening on his large tusks, “Boss?”
Uzgut buried his choppa in the Orc’s head before he moved any further.
“Ooo’s next…”

“Boss, boss, boss!!” Snaggit, chief of the goblin scouts and head lackey came running into the cavern waving wildly, “we got armies marching down our passes! Bony boyz!”
“Bony boyz, eh?” Uzgut’s red eyes glanced across at his trophy wall where a fanged human skull was fixed by a large rusty nail through the eye, “they iz good for a fight, they get up when you clobber em!”
“Boss, do you fink they’z following that flying castle?” Snaggit asked excitedly.
Uzgut backhanded Snaggit with such force he was thrown 5 feet across the floor. “I told you, castles don’t fly. Stoopid goblins n’ their mushrooms!”
Snaggit rubbed his damaged face and muttered under his breath “was flying, I seen, me boyz seen and bony boyz seen too. We’ll see oo’z stoopid….”
Uzgut rounded on a grizzled orc veteran, “Cragtoof, sound the horns, we got Bony boyz to fight!!”
A guttural roar echoed round the cavern as the assembled Greenskins drew out their weapons and ran from the room, armour clanking.
Warboss Uzgut grabbed the battered crown from the corner of his throne and wedged it on his helmet before stomping after his warriors.
“Bony boyz, ere we come!!!


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  1. Excellent. You'll be talking about Mutnitz next.